Classic Reviews

Diarmuid C.
Consistent and great service. I have always found Agape Auto to be very efficient. They have always very clearly explained what work they are doing and what it will cost. They always get the job done when they say it will be done. I have not had a single negative experience with them. I have not had a single negative experience with them. I have used them for about 4 or 5 years now.

Warren C.
Highly professional, highly safe, very upbeat, and a well mannered shop! I drive 78 miles to work every day. One day my car broke down and I went to Agape Auto. Even though they were probably having a long day, but their attitude was always upbeat and their customer service was fantastic. I just recently became a customer of Agape Auto. I was a retired marine and I know OSHA. However, Agape Auto's shop was extremely safe and clean. If I were a guy in the street and I walked into Agape Auto, I believe they would give a 110 to help me and my car. The guys at Agape Auto called me to show what procedure they were doing to my car, and I did not feel unsafe during my time with them. I looked around the shop (which I now do out of habit), and I can say that you wouldn't slip on anything at Agape Auto. That's a biggie. Agape Auto is highly professional, highly safe, very upbeat, and a well mannered shop to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Warren Campbell

Linwood T.
Very good, reasonable, and they're competent. I was going to a service station close to where I live and we ran into a situation they couldn't fix so they recommended Agape. They said they weren't the cheapest, but very good. I've been going there ever since, about five years I think, and I don't like going anywhere else. They're competent, well-trained, and certified. When they tell you the car will be ready at a certain time, it usually is, and they're usually within the ballpark on what they said it would cost. You also don't have to make repeat trips for the same thing. The other thing they are is friendly. I do a lot of traveling. My car is my life. It doesn't break. I depend on them to keep it running, and they do. You need a place to solve a problem at a reasonable price. You need dependability. I find that there.

Jenna R.
They treat you like family at Agape Auto. I took my car to be diagnosed at Agape Auto, and they diagnosed exactly what was wrong. They fixed the issue, and I was in and out. They were able to order all the parts I needed and honor the promised price. They really got me in and out as quickly as possible. I had my car detailed there a few months ago, and they did an amazing job on the detail. Because of the customer service I received I decided to go back for my routine maintenance. I like that when there is something wrong they will actually show me under the car, or wherever it is. They will also explain in detail what the issue is in plain English, without a lot of mechanical terms.

Charles H.
My experience with Agape Auto was the most rewarding experience I have ever had with an auto mechanic. I bought an air compressor for the air conditioning in my car. I bought it from another place, but took it to Agape Auto to fix and install it. Instead of fixing it they looked over my car and told me I didn't need it. They found a broken wire, fixed it, and I no longer needed the air compressor. Other places would have just put it on and charged me. After that I had Agape Auto do other work for me, like an oil change. They went over my car and listed things I needed done. They didn't pressure me, but just told me, in order of priority, what things needed to be done on my car. They took me out there and pointed to everything, and showed me what needed to be done. That way I could actually see what was needed. I thought that was great customer service. The customer service and professionalism is the best; I will most certainly go back.

Nicole L.
Very reliable, trustworthy, and honest. We just started going to Agape Auto this year, but we take all three cars there! In fact, I was there today for my car. I was also there the other day for my daughter's car. This is a very reliable place that you can trust.

Edwin D.
If you want quality work, thats the place to go. If you need things in a timely matter, look elsewhere The customer service was excellent at Agape Auto. I took my car in for a few reasons, including new windshield wipers. They took longer than expected but the quality was great. I was displeased with the time frame and I thought the price was too high, so I would consider doing it myself next time because of time and price pressures. But, if you have the time and can afford it, they do really quality work on your vehicle.

Helen H.
Outstanding customer service, and value for the service provided. I had had a very bad experience at a local garage, and Agape Auto has been a preservative to me. I'm a senior citizen, and I'm a woman, alone, and I only know how to put gas in my car. Agap Auto has taken car of it and of me. Helen Heuser

Bill N.
Great Service = Great Results I have been taking my family's vehicles to Agape Auto for 20 years and the service is the Best!

E F.
Good Work, Car Smells Work quality is fine, problem identified and fixed. However, my car was in their possession for 1 week (awaiting parts) and when returned, the interior smelled of cigarette smoke - likely due to employees smoking near my car while it was parked in their garage with the windows down. I am very sensitive to the disgusting smell of cigarette smoke, and it will take a long time for the car to air out (if it ever does).

Cyndy C
My experience has been somewhere between wonderful and magnificent. Our family has been customers of Agape Auto for at least 15 years. I am very satisfied with them. They have kept our cars running wonderfully for us, at least as wonderful as cars can run. I think they do a marvelous job, and I really appreciate them helping me with my most recent problem. My car was involved in an accident in March. I took it to a different repair shop, and they did a wonderful job with the body work. However, I guess they weren't mechanically inclined because they forgot several things. I checked my own fluid levels and added windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, and even changed my own window wipers. When I went to add some oil I couldn't find where to add it. After the already herculean task of changing my own windshield wipers, I decided just to take it in to Agape Auto for an oil change. They looked at the car and told me that they couldn't change the oil as the oil filler hose was missing! I guess during the accident the battery had broken the oil hose off. The timing belt cover was also badly cracked and just hanging there, and there was a shield on the bottom of the car that had been removed as well. Other bits and pieces were missing too; the car would have happier with all of it. It was difficult persuading the insurance company that their preferred shop had overlooked these things, but we persevered. The car is much happier now. Agape Auto has been very professional, and they are quite skilled. There is nothing they can do to make things cost nothing, but at least when they are done things work. That is very important.

Henry (Hank) H.
Friendly and technically expert My wife first found AGAPE and called in for an appointment.I was converting from a truck to a sedan.My 15,000 mile checkup on my 2008 hibred Camey was due so I called in and asked for an appointment. Why AGAPE?because they did such nice work at a most reasonable cost. And it was done right.I will happily tell everyone to utilize this firm.

John .
Very satisfied long term customer. I have taken all of my vehicles to Agape for over ten years. They have been able to fix problems the dealer couldn't and they stand behind their warranty. Additionally, Agape's staff is always very friendly.

Kandy B.
Great atmosphere! I like the atmosphere at Agape Auto. It is friendly, and they acknowledge me as soon as I walk in. They tell me what needs to be done on my car. They give suggestions and price lists, but really, there is no pushing. I have been using them for about a year now. I called them once because I had a scratch on my vehicle, and even though they are not a body shop they compounded it for me. They really go over and above to be serviceable to their customers. When I needed a ride, they took me home. They are really professional and accommodating. I would really suggest for anyone who needs to get work done to go to Agape Auto. If they can't provide a service for you, they will tell you where to go and give you the contact numbers. When they do repairs everything is perfect. The car is clean, and whatever they fix is done. I am really pleased with their service.

Tina D.
Helpful service. I have used Agape Auto off and on for years. They are always helpful. They get back to me quickly about what is wrong with the car, and they are good about their estimates. If there is a problem and I tell them that something is not right they are quick to take a look at it. We use them all the time and have enjoyed the service they provide.

Ed & Janine K.
Amazing, honest service. Agape Auto always has outstanding customer service. They are fast and efficient, with reasonable prices. When they give a time frame for the vehicle, the work is always finished on-time or earlier. We have 3 vehicles, and it is the only place we go. We have used them now for over 5 years. When they repair something on a vehicle, we never have problems. They are definitely not rip-off artists. In fact, there have been instances where they thought the repair was one thing, but when looking at the car they realize it was something much cheaper. They also tell us when we don't really need a part. Agape Auto's customer service is really good, and they are very honest. In fact, on my invoice they will tell me if a repair is going to be needed in the next year; that way I am prepared and it gives me time to budget. I don't go anywhere else.

Rob S.
Superior diagnosis and great service. After starting a new job in the local area, I had some trouble with my truck. By recommendation, I went to another shop that really made a mess of things. They just kept replacing parts hoping to stumble upon a fix. They even sent me to the dealer at one point. This was a long process and I can’t explain here how completely over the top frustrated and angry I was at that time. Plus I had to breakdown each time before they knew if the last repair solved things. So I happen by Agape, loved the name and made an emergency appointment. They immediately checked out the earlier shops work and pretty much isolated a few issues. Agape attacked some and the dealer had to correct their faulty work to solve the last. They were quick and effective and the diagnosis was right on. It did take a few appointments to sort everything out and I had to have the vehicle for work in between. One time I broke down and the mechanic came and met me on the road, in his own vehicle, and got my truck going. Then he followed me while I limped my truck to the shop. No additional charge…great customer service! Once I was up and running proper again, they eventually went over the entire vehicle and alerted me to some other things going on underneath. That was close to two years ago. I been with them ever since. 275,000 miles and the truck has been running like a top ever since. When I go there with minor issues, they often recommend that no work is necessary. They are not out to drum up unnecessary business. All the folks there are really nice people. They are not the cheapest shop in town, but I surely did not save a dime by going to the first shop. And man do they have a loyal following. They get more handwritten thank-you notes at that shop then grandma does after Christmas. Rob Schwartz

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